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  • Mark on Genesis 1
    in the beginning the earth was WITHOUT FORM, there was no earth,

    Merriam Webster definition number 2, I think fits properly with, WITHOUT FORM,

    2: containing nothing

    There had to of been a period of time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I don't see how we could deny that, because of fossil evidence, Did man cohabit with the dinosaurs? I kind of doubt it, or maybe man existed within the Garden of Eden and the dinosaurs existed on the outside of the garden at the same time and God kept them separated, then the dinosaurs were killed off before they were kicked out of the garden,

    The beast of the earth, were these the dinosaurs? or elephants,rhino's and such? Did the dinosaurs cohabit with the cattle, elephants and rhino's? I kind of doubt it, maybe the cattle existed with man inside the confines of the garden of Eden, maybe the garden of Eden was a Huge vast of land,
    I don't know,


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