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  • Blessed on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    Hello All, please bear with my frustration. As a muslim that came to Christ in 1989, the first Bible I read was the original KJV. It is totally different from what I'm reading at this site. That original Anglican KJV formed my faith and I love its poetic verses to no end. I am alarmed at all these "modern" KJV translation where deep spiritual concepts are being replaced with modern words that destroys the deep meaning.

    Take for example this site portraying KJV that replaces the Blessed with "Happy" all over the place. Take this Psalm 127:5 for example. If you ask me it's a disservice to replace Blessed with Happy. Happy may be a connotation of Blessed, but blessed imply something deeper as far as I am concerned. "Happy" points from Man to the World, whereas Blessed points from God to Man.

    We live in a society that places pleasure above godliness. In this hedonistic world, the world in constantly looking for happiness wherever they can find it. Blessed indicates the Grace of the Lord even when you're not happy 24/7 like the world would have you believe.

    I am therefore looking for that original (Anglicized) KJV that taught me that to be Blessed is to be happy and not the other way around. If anyone know that original KJV version please let me know. All I've seen up till now are "Happy" instead of "Blessed".

    For now, I will stop reading this site and move to Bible[.]com to read NIV that is not ashamed to use the word "Blessed" in the 21st Century.
  • GiGi - In Reply on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    Hello Blessed, so glad to meet you.

    My son just married a woman from southeast Asia. She is Muslim, but they will be llving in the U.S. away from her family's daily influence. So, I am wondering what helped you to convert from Islam to the Christian faith? Also, what do you recommend me to do or say to help my new daughter in law in her faith journey to Jesus (because I am praying for this, I believe she will convert).

    I just want to be accessible to her and do not want to offend her in her current spiritual place in time. Yet, I want to be able to share about my faith with her, too. (which I have a little bit the few times I have spent time with her alone). Thank you for your help.
  • Adam - In Reply on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    Dear Blessed, congratulations for coming to Christ and thanks for sharing your story.

    Based on what you described, it sounds like you think the words were Blessed then changed to Happy. If you speak more than one language I'm sure you know that often it is a judgment call which word best represents the original meaning and some translate word for word like the KJV and others by phrase or thought. Just because there is a derivation, it doesn't automatically mean its wrong or done with ill intent. I believe a translation like the KJV is extremely meticulous and prayerful inviting God to protect the accuracy. So, based on what you shared, I believe you may have it backwards that it was originally Happy and some newer ones have translated it to Blessed and I will explain why I believe this.

    If you go to: Link and you scroll down to Other Translations and click that, it will show you other translations. Notice that all have some variation of the word Happy except for the newer translation NASB which says Blessed. I believe the KJV is a very accurate and trustworthy translation.

    If you want more evidence, click that little link to view the Bible scan as that shows the original KJV printing and I see that the KJV has always had the word Happie/Happy for more than 400 years.

    God bless...
  • T Levis - In Reply on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    Thanks Adam, for showing us a great link & feature in this site, I didn't know exists!

    Blessed, I usually compare some translations when I'm searching something out deeply. I believe it's good & important to do that. It gives us a deeper depth of understanding. I find some scriptures I may like a translation better in another version but I've been studying this one most recently. We are truly blessed to have many translations of The Bible available today.
  • GiGi - In Reply on Psalms 127 - 2 years ago
    T. Levis

    I, too, compare other translations. I am not one to stick only the KJV and have several translations to draw from here and online. I find the Septuagint for OT reading along with this KJV and others online. I believe God has a very vested interest in superintending the translations of the Scriptures into any language. I

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