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  • Richard H Priday on Genesis 48
    Jacob (Israel) now repeats the blessing as his father did. This time; as with him he was to bless the younger son over the older; going against tradition. He appeared to be aware despite bad vision. Unlike with his father and Rebekkah in his blessing, however his son Joseph told him he was in error to his face. His son tried to change it to be enacted for Manasseh but his father refused. This going against tradition happens once again when the Lord judges not to human appearance with David over all of his older brothers to be anointed to be king.

    It is also interesting that this whole possession of the land and flocks and possessions of Israel would eventually lead them to forced servitude and bondage owning nothing for themselves. In short; they sort of set themselves up for what eventually went down hundreds of years later. This of course was all prophesied earlier to Abraham.

    The fact that Jacob in the previous chapter mentions to Pharoah that his days were shorter despite being well over 100 than the other patriarchs; there is once again validity to the much advanced age of death going back closer to the time of Noah; who produced all living since the flood; and of course the same pattern holds true back to Adam.

    It appears that Jacob's agreement with Laban not to marry anyone else also held true. The fact that he went back to the place where he first trusted in God and put an altar there and his whole life shows great faith and God's chastisement to teach him lessons. Despite his son Joseph's seemingly boastful dreams the father kept it to heart. Truly father and son were greatly blessed; despite what the enemy surely tried to mean for good-the blessing of the Lord prevailed to accomplish His purposes. Opposition would later allow Moses to trust God for Israel's great deliverance from Egypt and Pharaoh and to finally conquer the Promised Land (at least in part).
  • Roman - in Reply on Genesis 48
    This is the most important blessing the 2 boys could have received. Ephraim, the younger, was to come first, and become a nation and a company of nations. His older brother, Manasseh, what to become a great nation.

    Who are these 2 boys today?

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