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  • Richard H Priday on Genesis 27
    This chapter shows how despite the machinations of man God's will still stands. It was Isaac's duty; according to custom; to bless each son before his day of death. A secondary note is that he lived for a considerable number of YEARS after this event; it is plausible that he may have thought more clearly about things had he sought the Lord BEFORE he did this.

    Isaac always favored Esau; but Divine Providence determined from the beginning that the "elder would serve the younger." Whether Isaac was privy to the information the Lord gave Rebekkah on this when she was pregnant is unknown; as also is the reason it was revealed to her by the Lord and not (as far as we know) to Isaac. At any rate; Isaac simply did what he thought was appropriate for Esau; and it seems that there was some supernatural covenental event that transpired when such blessings were given; or alternatively; the Holy Spirit somehow intervened (as we see with the declarations regarding the nation of Israel as a whole upon the death of Moses; for instance). Once that binding event occured; the real Esau incurred what was previously predicted to Rebekkah; namely subjugation until a certain time when he and or his descendants would overthrow the authority determined to rule over him. This demonstrates the intention of Isaac through the deception was overthrown according to God's will; it does NOT justify the sneaky tactics his wife did in this case; nor the manipulation Jacob incurred with the earlier pottage incident to get what he wanted.

    Therefore; the results were Jacob running for his life; and not coincidentally to Laban where he would be manipulated much in the same way as he had done previously; being tricked after seven years servitude to marry Leah; then working another seven years for Rachel.

    In the process; the positive aspect of the tenacity of Jacob was shown with the wrestling and contending with the Angel of God (probably Christ); and amazingly prevailing.
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Genesis 27
    Hi Richard.

    Great work.

    It seems coincidental or strategic how the second in order ( going against the norm.) would be what seems to be where the blessings are.

    Start with the first Adam and second Adam. The births throughout the patriots. Ishmael and Issac. Jacob and Essau. Ephraim and Manasseh. we have the 2 covenants, and the flesh and the spirit.

    Thank you and God bless.

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