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  • Adrian on Mark 2
    With reference commentary in Mark 2, specifically the comment which says " sin is the cause of all our sickness and pains" I understand Job was an upright man yet still he suffered. I dont think all suffering is because of sin but I am kindly asking for someone to shed some light on this? Thanks
  • THE BEST STORY IN THE O.T.__Mishael - in Reply on Mark 2
    We know from Job 1 that he was a righteous man who feared God (reverence, honor).

    We see that Jobs kids liked to party. Job would go to church and offer burnt offerings for ALL of them (verse 5) continually; meaning every time they partied, Job went the next day to cover any sin.

    Meanwhile, Satan had obtained permission to test Jobs trust in God and his faith. God had confidence in Job. He allowed it.

    Between Eden and the Cross of Jesus's Crucifixion; Satan still had Adams Dominion, Power and Authority to use it. Jesus took it away from Satan later. Satan IS NOT HUMAN. He has no right to even be on earth.

    So Satan is like a spy. He sees what we do and figures out our weak areas. He saw Job making sacrifices for his kids and suspected some doubt, fear, over-protection. He purposed to strip Job of everything he loved. He stirred up an F5 tornado and killed the kids, homes, meat animals, crops. All Job had left was a wife with a razor sharp tongue. Satan afflicted Job with skin disease and painful sores that weeped pus.

    Satan does that stuff whenever he sees an opening in our faith. He sneaks around, uses familiar spirits to dig up dirt on us and our ancestors. He's evil. Family=familiar

    Jobs wife tells him to curse God and die. His so-called friends drag his character and habits through the dirt he sits in.

    At the end, God tells of His majesty, works, power and might. He OWNS storehouses of snow, hail & rain. Do we ever pray for rain in drought? pray for the snow to spread out over great distance so it's less dangerous? Ask for tornadoes to get away from your town? Pray for the hail to be tiny?

    Jesus GAVE US Authority over Satan, evil spirits, weather, wicked politicians even. We have all that Adam lost. Jesus suffered greatly to give us the authority and the POWER OF THE NAME OF JESUS. We are told to BIND (arrest) the evil; we are to LOOSE the blessings, the healing, the finances, a better job, tell the weather to be still.
  • Chris - in Reply on Mark 2
    Hi Adrian. I believe that is correct in so far as, that sickness, pain & suffering come to all of us without exception, because we are a spiritually & morally fallen race. The moment we are born into the world with sin's nature having taken root & hold upon us, sin's course ultimately leads to death. And in that process of a gradual weakening & failing of our body's organs, we prove that in spite of any spiritual re-birth or discipline to holy living, ultimately the sin that grips our body will have the last word. I know that all this sounds very morbid but all of us are subject to the same end: that which is the outcome of sin ( Romans 6:23; James 1:15; Romans 5:12).

    Yet, you might be thinking of a person's particular suffering or sickness (e.g. Job - which was a specific instance of God's Permission given to Satan to test Job's character & faithfulness; & maybe God stills allows this today- I can't tell). Yet we also know that God does discipline His child who wilfully continues in sin, not receiving correction ( Hebrews 12:5-11; Revelation 3:19; 1 Corinthians 11:32; Psalm 94:12,13). But His discipline comes in various ways & degrees of severity, as a father would mete out to his erring child. So the bottom line could be expressed as: if we were NOT sinners, living in all purity & holiness before God, there would be no physical sickness coming upon us, nor would there be need for any correction or discipline by God or man. But we should be cautious in trying to interpret every sickness or hardship being the result of some spiritual or moral failing - not always, but sometimes - each one will know in his heart from whence this comes.
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Mark 2
    John 9, here is an example of blindness where no-one had sinned. Hopefully this is helpful too
  • Glenn - in Reply on Mark 2
    As it states,.. God took away his wall of protection, but job never quit , an he never lost faith, nor blamed or cursed God ,.. an in the end as we read God doubled all his blessings,.. hence, never quit , keep the faith,.. make that stand ,..


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