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  • Georgia Chance on Luke 18
    Wow... How off track is that! Really? These were hand picked disciples who were the ones who set up the 12 tribes of Israel in which we celebrate our Church Christian Families today. Our Christian Families our Church Families! Jesus tells us to have these relationships (remember Paul setting up the church's like the Corinthians for example. Maybe you need to read Romans and Acts a little more carefully before you make a comparison of Christians to Manson. Yes we tithe but we are tithing to help the elderly, poor, and missions in order to spread the word of the Bible which is a guide book of how to live our lives correctly. Some, like the disciples, are called to "give up" (which I would say are blessed to serve) to go into the mission field and serve those who don't have. I will pray for you that the Word of God will open up to you as you study further. My love in Christ is with you. I hope you will take my message in Love. Georgia


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