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  • Isabirye Julius Nkwanga on Genesis 6
    How does Noah's ark relate with Jesus' Salvation?
  • Richard H Priday - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Noah was saved from God's wrath along with his immediate family. This therefore is as prototype of the rapture; with all righteous removed before judgment. There were the physical descendants who were not tainted; as Noah was said to be "perfect" in his ways. Clearly we are all of Adam's sin nature; so this would have to refer the the fallen angels and their offspring (Nephilim) who corrupted the seed of ALL men outside the ark. Christ came ONLY for the sons of men; not angels or corrupted offspring. Thus; Satan's plan to thwart Christ's lineage and therefore stop the plan of redemption from coming to fruition was demonstrated here. We of course; according to Romans are saved from the "wrath to come". We are to take refuge as His sheep in Him; who guides us as Psalm 23 states to pastures where we can safely graze as J.S. Bach stated. We also shall stand in the "presence of His enemies". Those outside the ark are similar to those in Isaiah 66 who are seen and abhorred by God's people. Being saved from ourselves surely is the greatest gift as well. It should also be kept in mind that obeying the Lord in the means of being saved and His instructions is imperetive as compared with attempting to justify ourselves by doing our own thing to earn God's favor.

    There was a calling out as well with a similar small group with Lot and his immediate family. We do well to note Lot's wife and all her privleges meaning nothing as her heart was still in this world as she "looked back" and was destroyed. The final state of the world at the end of the Millennium is similar as the world as the "sands of the sea" in their size will for the final time be led astray by Satan. Again; all the utopian visions or means of escape are useless delusions apart from God's saving grace as our only solution. We need to remember Peter as well; who was saved after exclaiming "Lord save me" when walking on water. Christ is our only solace in this dying world to be judged by fire.
  • Charles Robert Northup - in Reply on Genesis 6
    They both were trying to save the world, and just like Noah Jesus couldn't get everyone on board either
  • THE FIRST ARK AND THE SECOND ARK - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Jesus is the New Testament Ark.

    Noah worked daily on the Ark and preached to the inhabitants of the town near him; they asked him why he was building this gigantic boat in a landlocked area, that had never been rained on yet?? It misted, but didn't rain.

    Only 8 people were on the Ark, when it began to rain. Everybody outside the Ark died in their sins and unbelief.

    Jesus is the 2nd Ark. We must be as in John chapter 3: born again. Final judgment is coming to this earth again. 2 PETER 3:10

    The world says we are experiencing Global Warming, but that's not true. The Earth is preparing for the SECOND COMING of Jesus Christ to get the people who have received Him as their LORD AND SAVIOR. He's going to take His believers to Heaven (in the blink of an eye). Millions will suddenly disappear: children too.

    This has been FORETOLD of in the Bible for thousands of years! If we miss out on it, you will be OUTSIDE OF THE ARK, AND UNABLE TO GET INSIDE.

    First Ark with water; Second Ark with Fire. But before the earth is cleansed by fire:

    Mankind is going to destroy with their nukes, and weapons of war. The Antichrist will kill 1/3 of the population of earth. The "stars will fall" (asteroids), the water will be poisoned with radiation. People who take THE MARK of the Beast in their hand or forehead (to get food) cannot possibly get into heaven. They will die eternally.

    God is going to cleanse the earth of all of mankind's scars, pollution and damage to it. He's bringing Eden back to earth.

    Anything that man did to earth will be removed. Only people will live on it; who CHOSE to go with Jesus. Satan will be locked up in hell. No evil will be in New Jerusalem; or in the New Earth. Ever again.

    Life is millions of choices. Choosing Jesus is the most important one. Don't chance being left behind. Matthew 24, Luke 21, 2 Timothy 3:13-17

    Matthew 25:11-12

    Please please listen to this preacher? Choose to go with Jesus. Pray the prayer now.
  • Amanda - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Noah and the Ark were a type of Christ to come a type of Sovereign Salvation... God provides the way and means of Salvation, He brings it to pass and completes it and Noah by faith believed God and was saved.... all who were not inside of the Ark perished. Just as Salvation is still by faith we look to the Lord Jesus Christ for Salvation all who deny/reject that gift will perish in eternity in hell separate from God... i hope this helps God Bless....

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