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  • Richard H Priday on Isaiah 6 - 2 years ago
    This scripture in verses 9 through 11 echoes the gospels where Christ states that things were told in parables so that only those who were "as a little child" would understand (see parallel verse in Mark 4:12). This passage in Isaiah is alluding to the nation of Israel in general. Verse 11 shows a diaspora in the land; perhaps indicative of Old Testament events; but certainly also indicating AD 70 and the future dispersion in the Tribulation. There will be a final remnant as verse 13 indicates of the "holy stump" which Daniel also uses to refer to God's people in the last days who remain. If we reverse the order of this chapter and now go to verses 1 through 6; we see the real cause of the problems for those who were in Israel at that time; the lack of fear of the presence of the Lord in their lives. Daniel also offers a similar plea when he realizes the plight of the Jews in Daniel 9. The seraphim and heavenly creatures in Revelation 4:6 -8 and Ezekiel chapter 1 and other places are pictures of the same 6 winged creatures (the Cherubim have 4 wings as stated in Ezekiel 1:6; and four faces (one on each side) as demonstrated here and Revelation 4:7). Anyone having a genuine vision of the Lord would respond in a similar manner; being prostrate and totally undone. Judgments will wake up some but sadly others who are unregenerate simply will be hardened further in their rebellion against God.

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