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  • v.21 Riding the fence. The Israelites of old did not abandon GOD. They wanted their cake to eat too. They wanted to assimilate the ALMIGHTY with baal who is none other but Lucifer and his world.
    GOD is a jealous GOD and he will not have any part time lovers, see Exodous 20:5. "you cannot serve GOD and mammon" you will always end up despising one one "side of the triangle". There is no need to lie to yourself-Psalms 15:2
    What will it be? Christ or Barrabas? GOD'S "well done" or the world's pat onthe back?
    What will GOD do to such in-the-name-only-christians who want to hold hands with the world? He will vomit you out of his mouth-Revelation 3:15 and then tell you to depart from HIM,that he never knew you-Matthew 25:41
    "Come now let us reason together,saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet,they shall be white as snow;though they be red as crimson,they shall be as wool.


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