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  • Don on Psalms 28:7
    This verse has helped me in my walk with the Lord. I was bedridden for around four years, I couldn't do anything for myself. I thought wow I retire from my job and instead of enjoying life with my wife I'm stuck in bed. That was in 2007, I met an elderly woman who was a missionary along with her husband,I was in a Veterans nursing home. She prayed for me and encouraged me to pray to the Lord from the heart. A heart who truly believes Jesus Christ is the Son of our Heavenly Father,God Almighty. I didn't know how to pray and I learned it's just like talking to my wife etc. I put my trust in the Lord and I talked to Him and I started feeling so comfortable with spending time talking with the Lord, praying became easier. I still have fear that I do it wrong, but within four months I put my trust in the Lord and He became My strength and my shield. From not being able to do anything for myself I was able to sit up, to bath some what by myself, I was able to sit and to transfer to my wheelchair. Elation so great, people would say I knew you could do it or you worked hard for this. I never accepted credit for my new abilities but gave all praise and glory to the Lord our God. I knew that the Lord had and still does gives me the strength and shield to do things I thought I would never do again. The Lord is my shield protecting me from Satan and his evil angels. If not I would have returned back to feeling sorry for myself. I know for a fact that because of myself being opened to the Lord and His love I was given the strength to do all that I now do. I know I am protected knowing He is my shield and buckler, my God in Him I trust. I believe in prayer and I tell people to pray to the Lord for He hears our prayers. My heart trusted in Him and I was definitely helped. Praise God forevermore, Glory be to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen I hope this is okay but this verse has so much power in it. Thank you
  • Donna - in Reply on Psalms 28:7
    Don thank you for your testimony. It is a blessing. You reminded me of how much prayer makes a difference. And I struggle with isolating myself. I need to get out. The pandemic has made me isolated even more. I need to stop wasting moments and opportunities to be a witness for the Lord. God bless you. And keep you. And cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace. Amen
  • Kent Dupree Bass - in Reply on Psalms 28:7
    Amen Don YASSSS! Yah is good. He is a healer. He is a deliverer. I am glad to hear that you are strong in the faith. Great testimony.
  • GiGi - in Reply on Psalms 28:7

    Thank you for a lovely testimony. May your retirement continue to go well. I am just beginning mine.
  • Don - in Reply on Psalms 28:7
    Thank you for your response it was very much appreciated. I pray the Lord will uplift you on your retirement. May He show you the wonders of His beautiful creations. Enjoy Life, Live Life,as the water in a stream flows by that second it passed it will never return. Every second you let pass and you did nothing or if you are angered that second is gone, be joyful in the Lord. Please be safe as you venture out, to much uncertainties outside anymore. God bless you
  • GiGi again - in Reply on Psalms 28:7
    Yes, Don,

    Thanks, I had to quit work two years before I expected to retire due to arthritis in my lower back and asthmatic problems that exacerbated with flu infections I would get from my students. When Covid ramped up, I stayed home and have been cautious, though I do venture out to get what I need from the store. There are much better treatments available now with covid, and it seems the Omicron variant is less severe of an infection. Even so, I have such a hard time with the flu, I do not wish to get covid at all. So I am prayerful. My husband works from home, now permanently, so I have company during the day when he comes out of his office. Our adult son lives with us, too. So thankfully, I am not isolated. I go for drives to see the beauty of nature and visit a few friends who already had covid. I help my 88 year old mom when needed.

    So, I have done well with retirement so far. It has allowed me to study the word more, pray more, and support others.

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