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  • DiAnna Jiles-Buffaloe
    I have been concentrating on my relationship with God. I continue to ask Him to search me and mold me into a s"Vessel", Sanctified and set apart, to be used by Him to bring Glory to Him and to Him, ONLY, not just for what He has done but simply for who He is in my life. I had to be tested by His "Word", and through His Power, by the shedding of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, He has responded. Daily I know that there are things of this World that are used as a Testing, of our growth in Faith. And through such that we fine tune our sight through Spiritual eyes. I see "Greater Blessings". My Prayer Life has been amped up, and He Speaks and His voice, I am amazed that's sinner like me, yet, Saved by Grace, He guides me with Wisdom and knowledge. I see the fallout of many. But to God I owe my life, so I rejoice in the fact as I have studied and Praised, John 15:16, Jesus said, I chose you, you didn't choose me! Oh how glorious were they to me. They jumped off the pages and embraced me. I just learned to love myself after all this time, God's, not mine. All things in my life, are the Plan a product of Faith and Joy as God has granted me the "Wisdom" as I have been created in His image. Those words are True, if not, God would be as Man, and lie, He knew those Words, Faith, Hope and Charity, Charity being "Love", I had to Love myself, in order to give the return to God in Spirit and Truth and to my fellowman. I can be who God says I can be, Certainly I can and will do what God says for me to do. God's Word, not Man's shall hinder me from turning back and Praising God, He brought me out. I have no reason to look back! I ask for forgiveness for many sins in thought and in deed. It has been said, "I am NOT like You", God is pleased with me and when He is not, I plead forgiveness as He has taught and with just a Word, is faithful, HE, tells me once, and I hear it twice, ( Psalm 62), exactly whether to take a step, or Be Still, Know that HE is God!!
  • Kent Dupree Bass - in Reply
    Amen DiAnna Jiles-Buffaloe Praise Jesus. What a word of encouragement. You can do all things through Jesus Christ the one who strengthens you. I encourage you to continue to set your face like flint to the promise that has been set before you. You are on the right path, now you just have to stay there. Amen, Amen, Amen.
  • Chris - in Reply
    May the Lord greatly bless you dear sister, increasing in your faith & devotion to Him - and use you as a beacon of His Light & Love to many. Matthew 5:16; 1 John 4:12.

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