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  • Paul Winter
    People worried and confused about the world around them read Ephesians 6:12 then get on their knees simultaneously with others and pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus who is in full control - always .

    Our country needs to bring back days of prayer
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Grae, You are correct, we are all brothers and sisters. And, since you asked, "What nation", I did not specify because I do realize there are people on here from many nations, and each of us should pray for our governments, as Paul Christians to do. Also, It says in Scripture that God has selected for each of us our time to live and the place we are to abide in. So all of us in various nations are there by His purpose. So, I do not think it problematic to propose what I did in my post.

    I did not mean to set you off by it. Those who might want to put such a prayer time into their lives can do so and those who don't can skip it. The important thing is that we do what the Spirit leads us to do. Believers can also continue to make us aware here of things happening in around the world so we can pray for these things along with the nation we live in.

    That said, I do get your point, Grae. But I was not trying to elevate one nation above another. Everyone can pray for their nation if they feel led to do so. And everyone can pray for a nation they do not live in as well.

    Thanks for replying so I could clarify better.
  • GiGi - in Reply
    You know, Paul Winter, that is a good idea. We could establish specific days of prayer on this site to pray for our nation. I am in for that. We could designate a day and time of a specific day of the month to do this, such as the First of the month, at noon and 6:00 p.m. for example, or 6:00 a.m. noon and 6:00 p.m. if we want to do a morning, afternoon, and evening time so people wo work different shifts can choose a time that fits their work schedule. So do not have a preference for day or time. But together, we can petition our Lord together for our nation and world according to the leading of the Spirit and what comes up in the news or events that occur.
  • Grae - in Reply
    Please remember , with regards to "our nation " : Galatians Ch 3 V 28 and Luke Ch 13 V 29 . I don't care which country u or anyone else lives in , if u r a Christian u r my brother or sister and we r spiritual Israel , not Americans or Greeks or Turkish or French , just Christians , none of that matters to our Heavenly Father , either we r His people and He is our God , or we r not His people , our nationality is irrelevant .
  • Grae - in Reply
    Which nation ? Which nation is " our nation " ? U seem to b assuming a lot there sister . As far as I'm concerned the people on earth r either Christians or they r not . It makes no difference to me which nation they were born in or live in . If we r a Christian then we r spiritual Israel . Pray for the peace of Jerusalem , which to me means pray for the return of Christ .

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