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  • Dr. Lyle Lee on Galatians 5
    I will comment on versus 19-21; we are warned by the Apostle Paul in these versus that if Christians live an ungodly lifestyle, they will not inherit the kingdom of God. In order to understand the warning we must first understand the difference between entering the first dispensation of the kingdom of God, and inheriting the second dispensation of the kingdom of God. All Christians, upon being born again enter the kingdom of God, as in John 3:5 & Colossians 1:13 The Lord Jesus taught during this first dispensation of the kingdom of God, it is within the heart of all believers. Luke 17:20-21 We got into the kingdom of God by unconditional promises, through faith without works, as part of the foundation that Christ Jesus laid. Yet when we speak about inheriting the kingdom, we cannot talk about this first dispensation of the kingdom of God at all, seeing the word used here is inheriting, meaning, the Apostle Paul is referring unto the second dispensation of the kingdom of God, known as the millennial kingdom. Not all Christians will make it into this kingdom, although they will all go to heaven, yet to make it into the kingdom of heaven, it is not a free gift, rather you must earn entrance by meeting conditional promises, as in Matthew 7:21 and as in Acts 14:22 and as in Matthew 3:5 and Matthew 3:10 All of which speak of entering the millennial kingdom of heaven by faith with works, as you meet the conditions spoken of in those chapter versus. On the other hand, if a Christian lives an immoral lifestyle, as mentioned here in these seventeen sins, he is denied entrance into the millennial kingdom of God, and will remain in heaven until the thousand year kingdom is over.

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