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  • Fortune on Psalms 22
    What is the meaning of

    The power of the dog
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 22
    Psalm 22 is a Psalm of King David & is also understood as a Messianic Psalm, i.e. prophetically looking ahead to Christ & His sufferings prior to & upon the Cross.

    When we consider the Psalm, we see David's allusions to various animals, viz. the strong bulls of Bashan (v12); a ravening, roaring lion (vv13, 21); & dogs (vv16,20). All these animals appeared to David as representative of people (his enemies) & probably the evil spirit behind them, that sought to take his life. So the imagery given to us in 'dogs', is that of a pack of wild dogs with baring teeth, seeking to pierce him (v16) & maul & devour him (v20: by their ruthless power over man).

    And "my soul" & "my darling" speaks about his enemies' focussed thrust against him, and it appeared to David, as directed only against him - to rob him not only of his life, but all that that life was purposed to accomplish for God's Purposes. He earnestly sought the Lord, the One Who gave him life, nurturing him & bringing him to this point of being Israel's king (vv9,10). Thus his cry for deliverance from evil men that they should not gain victory over his life & he would be a living testimony of God's Power & Goodness to his people (vv22 ff).
  • Lloyd - in Reply on Psalms 22
    for dogs have compassed me;

    the assembly of the wicked have

    enclosed; me they pierced my hands and

    my feet. verse 16 the dog here is referring

    to the enemy of Gods people.

    also chapter 22 is a prophecy of

    Christ, psalm 35:17 the enemy referred

    to as a lion.

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