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  • Eric Lopez on Acts 24
    Judge Felix expected Paul to bribe him out of prison, but only got a preach from Paul. The jews bribed the Judge and kept Paul in prison. This was my understanding of the chapter.

    I didn't complete the challenge of bible in a year, but here I am continuing and I believe is what God would want to continue vs giving up.
  • Chris - in Reply on Acts 24
    You're on a great quest Eric to diligently read God's Word through in a year. Failure to achieve this matters little as many other things come upon us demanding our time & attention - but that you keep at it & to meditate upon it when you sense you need to dig deeper or to what the Spirit might be telling you, is of greater worth. The Lord bless you in your readings during this new year.
  • Gigi - in Reply on Acts 24
    Hi Eric

    I am reading a biograph on Paul and read on this event with Felix.

    It read that Felix did not fnd reason to charge Paul but put him under guard to protect him from the Jewish leaders.

    He then had him transferred to another city under escort by the guards to get him away from the Jerusalem leaders.

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