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    We are never short of things for which to give Give God thanks. Do we realize that every time we go to sleep and wake up, He did that for us? He satisfies us with so many great things...our mind, body & soul; the elements - fresh air we breathe; water; people around us etc., etc., etc., (just think of life without any one of these). Yes, Our God is Awesome!
  • Kent Dupree Bass - in Reply on Psalms 145
    Yes CLAUDETTE V MCFARQUHAR, ask you have encouraged me so will I encourage thee. Yah is our great provider. He spares no good thing when he showers his blessings upon us. He is a way maker, making a way when there is no way. He is our breath of life, our movement, and he upholds us all. Thank you CLAUDETTE V MCFARQUHAR for your encouragement and I pray that Yah keeps you in his fold.

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