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  • Manuel Teixeira on Romans 1
    Yes, since Abel's faith, until Jesus's Faith, all th way along what is writen on hebrewes's eleventh chapter. I too, can grow from justification, like the good thief had at the cross, instantaneously justified, and in peace, just based on Jesus's Faith. He observed Jesus's behavior, in contrast with the other thief's despair, remembered Lazarus's ressurection, and had faith in Jesus's love and Power over death, as simply as a younger brother on his elder one. The good thief decided to believe in Jesus, as The Truth, THe Way and The Life, and god's Messiah. He believed that Jesus was able to ressurect him, like Abraham did, when facing Isaak's imminent sacrifice, received his son back, as if being ressurected from the dead.

    Santification and Jesus's good deeds, on believer's life, result from The Peace that comes, with Holy Spirit's in believer's mind, after accepting Jesus's bood mrits, transforming and renewing.

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