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  • Tara
    After Dinah was raped and her brothers sought and carried out vengeance against the Shecemites I read in a commentary that Dinah was partly to blame. It was stated that Dinah should not have planned to visit the daughters of that land. The suggestion was that she was interested in how they behaved, and how the dressed etc. The commentary also expressed the opinion that daughters were cuddled, and over protected by family members. Although Jacob's sons acted out with extreme violence to take revenge for their sister's honor having been defiled, the tone of the commentary seems to place some of the blame with Dinah. I was surprised.
  • T. Levis - in Reply
    I have a rule myself to let the HOLY Spirit teach us as we read. 1 John 2:27, John 14:26,

    Sometimes we have to work at "unlearning" what someone tells us the Bible says. GOD's WORD is a "living Word" it teaches, corrects, edifies._.. 2 Timothy 3:16, & gives us wisdom. James 1:5,

    Genesis 34, is the account. Notice : Genesis 34:2, they were Hivite

    Exodus 23:28, Exodus 34:11, Exodus 33:2, Genesis 10:15-19, Joshua 9,

    Hopefully this is all helpful.

    Thank you "GiGi" for pointing out her approximate age through scriptural knowledge. Genesis 30:19-31, Genesis 31:38-41,

    Genesis 33:13-17, it says after they met Esau, they built a house & booths for cattle it doesn't say exactly how long they were there. It appears they may have left when Joseph was about 6 yrs. old because Genesis 31:41, But it was before Joseph was 17, Dinah seems to be older sister, they then pitched a tent._ Genesis 33:18-20 The only accounts of age we're given is Joseph was born & Genesis 30:25, Genesis 37:1-2, yet Joseph went to find his brethren in (Shechem) so was this timing, a historical account putting both situations about the same time? Genesis 37:11-14, because later Israel/Jacob tells Joseph about his mother's death & burial, that happened on Journey Genesis 35:1, Genesis 35:15-20, Genesis 35:27-29, Genesis 48:1-7, Genesis 45:25, Genesis 46:6,
  • Gigi - in Reply
    T. Levis

    Good morning

    Yes, I read that Jacob had been in Haran 20 years and had 11 children there. Dinah was the second youngest and Joseph was the youngest accordance by to the geneology given n Genesis 29. Benjamin was born last after they left Shechem and we're almost to Bethlehem.

    So many in calculating ages at least be time of leaving Haran, Rueben the oldest was at the most between 19 and 20 when they left Haran.

    Allowing 18 months to 2 years between births and four wives, it seems that Dinah was about 3 when they left Haran. So, Genesis says that Jacob lived for a short time In Succoth before moving to Shechem, and perhaps living there for a short while until they left for Bethlehem, in is very likely that Dinah was just about the age of puberty and at an age to be married when she was raped.

    As to Joseph being 17 when he was still led into slavery, it was after Benjamin was born, so apparently the family moved between pasturelands to graze their flocks as Abraham and Isaac had done. So it doesn't necessarily mean that they lived in Shechem with until Joseph was 17, but most likely the family kept their land holdings in Succoth and Shechem and perhaps in other communities like Hebron, be able to graze their flocks in these areas as the grass on these fields grew and we're ready for grazing.
  • Gigi - in Reply

    Dinah was a young teen or pre-teen at the time as Jacob had just returned from Laban's household after serving Laban for 20 years.

    So, no one should blame Dinah (11 or 12 years old) or any one who is raped. She went into town to interact with other young girls her age as she only had brothers in her family. The man carted her of and kept her in his house overnight, had relations with her, and hoped since she would be given to him for his wife.
  • The Story of Dinah - in Reply
    A commentary alone is a persons opinion. If you read 10 more commentaries ( use BibleHub dot com ) all similar but different.

    Often opinions vary. Some use Greek or Hebrew interpretation and some don't.

    We cannot take commentaries interpretations and opinions and put them against the Bible God's Word. We have to carefully read the Bible and hopefully it is a REFERENCE BIBLE with Center of each page, columns on each page:

    That offer other scriptures that more explain the scriptures you are studying. Also they point us to prophesies. Give more info on a passage.

    Check Geneologies, because even troubled and sinful people are in Jesus's bloodline; up until Bethlehem.

    In their culture is was forbidden to inter-marry with un-circumcised bodies and hearts. For us= unbelievers. If we marry them, they can say I don't want to attend church, and I prefer you don't either. Modern people don't believe that, rush into marriage, and sometimes end up divorced or mistreated. Lots of that going on nowadays.

    I'm happy that you questioned this passage.

    1 Corinthians 6 & 7 have good info on how to be happy as a believer. I'm sure Dinah was exposed to Jewish teaching. It's a sad story.

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