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  • Dr. Lyle Lee on Genesis 1
    I will comment of versus 1-5, the first day of creation, God created a single heaven known as the second heaven where the sun, moon and stars would dwell on the fourth day. The first heaven was created on the second day of creation, the boundaries of the first heaven is from the clouds down to the earth, therefore the second heaven begins from the ending of the first heaven to the beginning of the third heaven. Seeing the earth is a sphere, and the first heaven is also a sphere, we could conclude that the second and third heaven are also spheres, only each encircles the other. The earth was without form, meaning it was under water until the third day of creation, moving like molten lava, without any form at all. Secondly it was void, much like a baby in the womb during the first trimester, knowing eventually the babies legs, feet and toes will grow along with the arms, hands a fingers, but at this stage it is void of those parts. Just as the earth was void of trees, plant life, vegetation and such like. When God created the light, the Apostle Paul taught that light was all that the Lord Jesus preached about during his earthly ministry. 11 Cor. 4:6 The four categories that the Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul taught are as follows, the gospel, the New testament, the gospel of the kingdom and the new covenant, all of which make up the light God created on the first day of creation. Then God separated the light from the darkness, let us acknowledge, God did not create the darkness, it was there already, but he divided it from the light. Now if the light is known as knowledge according to what the apostle Paul wrote in 2 Cor. 4:6 then darkness is also knowledge using metaphors for both light and darkness. The big question that remains is what could God use to separate bad knowledge from good knowledge? The answer is a world, it appears that God created a world for darkness to dwell in, as we study 2 Cor. 4:4 Satan is the god of the world darkness.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Dr. Lee Given that the main subject matter of the bible from Genesis 3:15 to revelation 22:21 is all about

    the history of what God had to do to make sure our Saviour was going to be born and accomplish His ministry so

    He God could have what He desired originally with Adam and Eve eventually a Family He God being a Father

    so to make the statement the old testament laws don't count is at best questionable. The law was given to

    educate and protect Gods adopted children from the pagan practices they were surrounded by. Also God all

    along was looking for everything to be perfectly right according to all of His creation so that our enemy could

    be defeated. So yes the law was temporary Gods purpose, Abraham called Gods purpose, look at the grace in

    giving us the comfort of psalms and the instruction of proverbs and everything dealing with Israel. Doesn't

    this fit into 2 Timothy 3:16+17 so all scripture is profitable! Also there is still one commandment that fits always

    Mathew 22:37-40 on these hang all the law and the prophets its where Adam and Eve started!
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Genesis 1
    How is it going Brother Rick?

    I hope all is well.

    We haven't heard from you.

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