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  • Jimmy D NixI
    I have a question about animals on this earth dying and going to heaven I do not believe that they do is there scripture to proof this
  • Adam - in Reply
    Hello Jimmy, I think this question is on many people's minds because they want to be reunited with those they love including their pets. While the Bible doesn't happen to mention this, I can say that heaven will be absolutely mindblowingly amazing beyond your wildest dreams. Your happiest day on earth will be nothing compared to this, according to how its described. Surrounded by love, no tears, total peace. So, whatever the scenario there's nothing to worry about in terms of missing out or having any regrets. The regrets and decisions are things we control now while we're on earth.

    I can also say that one persons convenience probably won't be allowed to inconvenience others. For example if a boy was mauled and killed by a pitbull and he goes to heaven, I doubt there's going to be wild pitbulls there chasing him around- which would be his worst fear. I don't think there will be vices like smoking, death metal music that's so loud no one can hear- things that some probably love, but come at the inconvenience of others. This is just my opinion not based on scripture that it will be equally awesome for all with no problems. God bless...
  • Kent Bass - in Reply
    Hi Jimmy D NixI. We know in scripture it says there will come a day when the Lion shall lie down with the lamb. And the child shall put his hand forth to the vipers nest and shall not be heart. We also know there will be beast around the throne, and horses in heaven. What we do not know is if these animals are animals which have passed away on the earth and gone to kingdom or if these will be newly created animals.

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