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  • Sabrina Yohn on Exodus 19
    In Exodus 19:3 The words used in translation is "went up" how do we determine if this is physically walking up the mountain, vs. being transfigured?
  • Chris - in Reply on Exodus 19
    Hi Sabrina. The Hebrew word used in Exodus 19:3 is the same word used in 2 Kings 2:11 (when Elijah was caught up in a whirlwind to enter Heaven). And that word is 'a-lah', which means 'to go up, ascend, or climb'. So, it would correct to understand that both Moses & Elijah physically changed direction, one by walking up the mount to God & the other transported into Heaven to God. However, in both cases I would think that some degree of 'transfiguration' would have taken place; Moses' facial complexion changed/shone ( Exodus 34:29-35) and Elijah would have to receive a glorified body (i.e. with the corruption of flesh neutralized to enter Heaven) just as we would be changed at the Rapture ( 1 Corinthians 15:51-53).

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