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  • Manuel Teixeira
    It's written,God is Good. Sin originated in satan's free wil mind. It's written, God has determined a time, to put an end to the enemy of God! Jesus said that nobody knows when it will be, only The Father. We can read mathews on 24th chapter, where Jesus describes the main traits of human behavior and earth destruction, that precipitate the abreviation of those days. We are on those days, since the time predicted by ptophecy ( Daniel 8:14) ended in 1844, afer the 2300 days / years. Then, started the time for the proclamation of the impending second coming of Christ (Apocalypse 14:6). Another final event happened, when Noah, during 120 years, announced to the world, that deluge or flood, would come, as it came. When someone enters a house destroyin and killing, the victym is legaly authorized to use force to defend his family. Noah was God's family, Jesus said that His family are those who submit to God's will and moral Law, being Sabath, the authority's sign! God's Justice and Mercy coexist, in order to stablish Love and freedom. There is an evil agressor, who invaded the earth, and intends to destroy and kill, starting on Heaven, and after being expelled, came here, tryind to continue the fight to stablish his throne above God's Throne. God in His wisdom had already decided to create free will beings, and take upon Himself full responsability of the consequences of the rebellion, by assuming the creature's defence in case of an agreesion. How much time took the rebellion to ferment? We don't know.

    His answer to devil's intent, was revealed on Jesus's sacrifice and victory, on the cross, at calvary's hill, as God's Lamb, who takes away world's sin.

    Since then, darkness's powers are doomed, by that Heavenly Councill, that accepted Jesus's sacrifice and Justice!

    Jesus interceeds on Heaven's Sanctuary, for whosoever repents, believing on Jesus's blood mrits, and deciding for a new life, in Christ, by Holy Spirit's Power, To Trine God Almighty's Glory! men!Aleluia

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