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  • Kimberly Driggers
    I've been sexually and mentally abused most all my life I was a drug addict alcoholic ..I was raised in sex and drugs at a very young age and sold for drugs step dad started having his way with me at 4 years old ..I'm bipolar schitsaphrinic PTSD..severe depression sycotic featured manic ..I hullusinating where I see and here people trying to hurt me or their hiding..I've been raped several times..I got list in drugs and became a prostitute ..I've never been able to have a normal sex life ..I have 5 daughter's that I was unable to raise myself I was part time ..I could never get what happened to me off my mind there so many ruined mine and my children's life ..I was with a friend of my dad's for 24 years I had known him since I was 12 ..I figured out after his death that my mom had sold me to him ..she drugged me and let my step dad friends have their way with me..she sold me to mophia affiliated drug dealers at 12 that got me on cocaine and drugs ..I thought I'd die and was ready to all my life ..I turned against the Lord when I was 17 because I figured if God was so good why did he allow such things to happen to me..I couldn't love because I was never given live or taught live .. when I turned against the Lord I started really doing things on my own and couldn't hold a relationship I wanted to die and done over kill with drugs not caring ..I found out I was pregnant and stop everything..I had my baby and I I felt true love for the first time in my whole life mom knew alot of people in the law system and try to get custody the first week I had her she always wanted control..I wanted to kill her ..instead I got back on drugs I felt I had no way out and let her think she was in control..I gave her all my check and foodstamps and let her pay things and make sure my daughter had things she needed ....she had me in her control through my daughter..then I caught cervical cancer and there was a 99% chance I couldn't have any more kids ..I got pregna
  • Joshua Babbitt - in Reply
    Hello Kimberly, Could you please paste the rest of your testimony in? I would really like to hear it (it got chopped off because of the 2000 character limit).
  • Hank - in Reply
    Keep the Faith my girlfriend had gone thur similar life and what I read in your testimony helps me understand why she's the way she is. Praying to Yasura will be good to your life. Always remember much evil in World but our God will protect you and turn things around for better. Love Conquerors All with our Lord. Amen

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