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  • Nakia on James 4 - 2 years ago
    My comment is I'm a Frontline worker and what I do I take care of residents that have disabilities and helping them to reach there goals. My understanding I work with this lady Ms Tammy. Morrow and she talks to me with a sarcastic attitude My question is how can I obtain myself from that??
  • Chris - In Reply on James 4 - 2 years ago
    Hello Nakia. That's very sad that you have to face such people, especially those who are disabled, who enjoy being sarcastic to their assistants. Maybe their sorrowful state mixed with mental/emotional anguish puts some into that frame of mind, to want to degrade or attack others. Sarcasm comes in various degrees of verbal attack; it maybe very mild filled with innuendo right up to a very derogatory remark about you as a person, about your job, or even the type of service you give her. They might have nothing nice to say about you & very likely about anyone else - does she complain or gossip about others?

    It is clear that you cannot avoid her, since you need to tend to her needs. Also, you probably cannot check her to tell her not to speak like that to you - it may only inflame her & may not be company policy to do so. I assume that you are a Christian, since you're presenting this problem on this Site to find advice. Therefore, the way the Lord would probably deal with such a person as this who is struggling within herself, is that you continue to show her love & respect, maybe even laugh it off when she darts off a snide remark to you. I know it is uncomfortable & even painful for you to do so, but real "love covers a multitude of sins" ( 1 Peter 4:8). Try and look past her words & see a very needy woman (physically & emotionally) hurting inside, who needs a loving greeting, kind words & the extra help that she needs - maybe check on her often during the day to see that she is comfortable & she might in time, find in her heart to accept you & shower you with praise instead of sarcasm. The Lord will see your good work which is of great value, rather than the fickle fading attitudes of others - rejoice in Him & serve others with the gift He has given you, with His Love & Care.
  • Glenn - In Reply on James 4 - 2 years ago
    Helpful people, doing such kind an great works , for people of that special care needs ,.. in Gods eyes is a very good and righteous act ,.. an did you have knowledge, that one righteous act , covers a multitude of sin ? Welp , it's in that book ,. An so , knowing this , will certainly make , these off the path comments, much easier to just overcome an forget !!!! An hey, good looking out , an helping those of needs ,.. it's not easy, an as you stated, it's hard


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