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  • Barbara
    This is one of my testimonies, because I could write a book. I have been abuse all of my life, which made me do drugs, because i wanted to forget the sexual abuse by my uncle, who abuse me so much that a doctor said I could never have kids. I praise God today for how he bless me with four sons, three living and one decease. I was on crack cocaine for 19 years. In 1996 was a new beginning for me, because i was tired of never having anything in life but a crack pipe. I was homeless until I met a man name Herbert. He was a working addict, who kept a job and made sure I had a roof over my head. We was together for about 5 years, when I decided that I had enough, and I wanted to stop using. I had been too rehab over 20 times, with no luck at all. It was in the month of July when I decided to trust God. I was brought up in church, my grandfather was a preacher. I lived with my grandparents most of my life, the sins of my mother cause me to be treated different than my other cousins. My grandfather was mean to me all the time and he would beat me for things I didn't do which cause me to be depress, in other word I hated him for that. I felt like there was no love for me anywhere. I didn't understand how he could treat me that way being a preacher, which made me wonder about who God was. In 1996 God changed all of that. I remember as if it was yesterday, I got up on a monday morning, crying out to God, Lord if you take this cup from me I'll serve you until I die. I had a lot of trails and tribulations, but I made it through Gods grace and mercy. I went back to school and got my GED, and I have more than two years of college in criminal justice, on the deans list every semester and I have 2 president certificates. God has been so good to me, because all of my good days out weigh my bad days and i wont complain. But the most important thing in my life is that I'm a minister now. I am a fisher of men now, bringing my sisters and brothers to Christ. Thank you Jesus
  • Regina G Taylor - in Reply

    you stay blessed.

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