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  • GatorBaby
    This is a reply towards OOOH DEAR ALL's post,

    Thank you. I remember being taught this way as a very young child too. It is my opinion that if people would take time to actually read what these Bible verses say, then those that do not believe will learn that Yes Animals do go into Heaven.

    God loves all his creatures. So many precious animals have suffered in this life. Some from cruel hands some from the same sicknesses that took our human loved ones. To believe that Godbwould create a loving animal then just disregard it as if it merely meant nothing is not the actions of my Heavenly Father I grew up to know and love.

    In this app all one has to do is just ask. (Do Animals go to Heavrn too when they die?) This will bring you to discussions, and those discussions will lead you to actual Bible verses that will explain it to you where to read where it says, All creatures!!!

    My heart is so full of joy to know our Heavenly Father has this much love that even the smallest of his creations will be in Heaven also with us all. I've lost Animals so I'm glad to have this once again confirmed. Lost my husband also earlier March 10th, 2021 (3 cancers) out of the blue. No warning. I was told he only had 2 days. I never told him. I saw no reason to because he had already accepted the Lord and had asked for forgiveness. Yet I am fighting to walk on this earth without a companion. This is hard Father God. Please God give me strength and help with direction. In Jesus name I pray.. Amen

    I love this Bible link. I will be sharing it out to everyone I know. It's simple and easy to do. Very easy to find all the information you need literally at your finger tips. Thank for creating and sharing it.

    May God bless you all in Jesus name. Amen.

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