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  • LeeA Byrne
    Aimless and Lost to purpose and victory in Christ Jesus

    i wrote a poem when 12 of ahorse rider in a storm

    "The wind does whip around me, My face is cold and chapped, I ride aimlessly along a never ending track.....

    From a home of unsaved my mum had made a "pact with God

    "If i can have children I promise to give them to you"

    She did teach us to pray the Lords prayer but never knew Jesus.

    My older sisters life changed first she went from ignoring me to showing love She led me to christ when i was 13 years old.

    i ended up going to christian fellowship at school group and an anglican church, then working at a christian bookshop, and attending a christian camp where i met my first husband who said he was a christian.

    Unfortunately this was shown to be untrue and as my father was virtually an alcoholic abusive to my mother

    I didnt have any good male role models.I ended up in a domestic abuse situation much worse than my mothers and i cried out to the Lord for years who delivered me in a way i didnt ask for but it was the only way.I was diagnosed with a rare slow growing but often very deadly catilage tumour in my sacroliac joint.

    Three months aftersurgery (13 hours in 1999) where the "margins "were not cleared by my top neuro surgeon i had an audible voice in the dark. It referred to the paralytic in the bible and his forgiven sins leading to healing.

    V unexpected and no sign at all that of any cancer from then smazing healing !!Hallelujah!!!!

    i got back on my quarterhorse !

    i studied as an allied health professional/went to art college to study to teach art but couldnt paint under the abusive conditions. I did develope sone some sandart videos but i was broken.

    My manic depressed husband left after 18 years of persecution and breaking the vows.

    I had not been growing as a christian due to my spiritual drought and the trauma but a friend lead me to KJV 1611 and back to trust in Christ!!

    I am now at a KJV church and i love so much biblestudy!!!
  • LeeA - in Reply
    My mum became a "blood of christ washed "christian in October this year!

    Im inviting new people to hear my pastors sermons great
  • GiGi again - in Reply
    Yeah, so happy for her and you!
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Wonderful, LeeA, so happy for you!
  • LeeA - in Reply

    its good to be navigating by the Lords stars again

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