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  • GiGi on Genesis 48
    Ahh, here is the blessings. I mistook the bowing of Jacob's head on the bed in the last chapter as Jacob dying.

    It is interesting that this is the first time Jacob meets Joseph's sons. Where were they all the years Jacob was in Goshen, Egypt? Did is mother keep them from Joseph's family?

    Jacob first calls Joseph to him when he knows that his death is near. He wants to give the birthright blessing to one of Joseph's sons. And he puts his right hand (the hand of blessing) on the second born, not the first. He blesses both.

    Joseph receives a double blessing from his father.

    Makes me think that back before Joseph went to Egypt, and Joseph was Jacob's favored son, God must have told Jacob that the blessing he received from his father Isaac over Esau, and Isaac received from Abraham over Ishmael was to go to Joseph. This blessing had the promises of Abraham, Isaac , and Jacob attached to it. It identifies the one God will bless exceedingly with descendants, possession of the land, and walk with God.

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