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  • Tim legarie on 2 Peter 2:20
    BEHOLD! CAN YOU NOT SEE THE PARADINE HERE ? The riots,protests,violence! With some pastors ,and christians leading the way against the goverment the world antimask, antivax,antilove,anticharity,antichrist!
  • T. Levis - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:20
    I'm not understanding your question/statement. I'm not sure which pastors you speak of. Riots that happened early 2020?

    Anti mask? Antivax? These five you've quoted Can't, in truth, be lumped together. Let's address the first 2.=

    GOD made us in HIS image, we reflect HIS glory, HE didn't create humanity with masks. HE created us with an immune system. We are to go about with unveiled faces. We are to live by faith & not fear. Many discussions have been had on this site about these issues.

    Revelations 21:8,

    Ecclesiastes 37:11, John 2:13-17

    USA We The People are the Governing Authority & by Duty, are required to right the "government" when they usurp their authority.

    The last 3 labels Antilove,- charity, ect, clearly are not of Christ.

    1John 4:18, 2 Timothy 3:15-17,

    Isaiah 26:3,

    Hopefully these are helpful in the heaviness you feel
  • Leland Kendrick md - in Reply on 2 Peter 2:20
    Yes you are right

    Our preamble to the constitution

    Is what defines us the peopl

    This is our country

    We are the masters

    And all elected officials are our public servants from president own down

    We the people are 325 million people

    Yes we have to take back control

    Our constitution says that when Washington DC

    Try's to become socialized

    Dictators or ever what you want to all them

    We the people militia etc not only have the right but duty to remove them from office

    I am not talking about bloodshed

    That is the last thing we Christians

    Would want

    Remove them peacefully

    We have the tight to peacefully assemble

    And redress our greviences

    Some would say our military would obey government and shot we the


    I say that would not

    The military would not because they are there to protect the people not Washington DC

    Asking the military to fire on us

    Would require they shots their mothers






    Not a chance

    That would only happen in a communist markist

    Dictator country

    That is not who we are

    We can do it without bloodshed

    God bless America

    We do need to return to God

    The most important thing we have to do

    God never blessed a country

    That rejects him

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