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  • Tim
    Who heard God talking during the first five days of creating life on earth for humans? There was no human present to hear God say anything. The sixth day is when humans had ears to hear. Of course, prior to a new life in human form on Earth would somehow need to be explained and proven. A life that coincides with another life of an image form presence prior to this human lifetime.
  • Rick - in Reply
    Hi Tim Other than the angels being present, what's interesting to note is Genesis 1:27 After creating man and

    woman in His image the next verse says for them to replenish the earth so so didn't write the book but there had

    to be something there before. Don't know what is was because it doesn't say, and I'm not a guesser when it comes to scripture.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    Moses wrote the Book of Genesis. I believe Moses and God collaborated.

    We can Google who wrote the books in the Bible. The history is just as compelling as the written Bible.

    You can Google the Geneology of people like Cain, his wife, kids, and etc.

    Use care which historical accounts you read. Find a Christian writer of history. Not Catholic, Mormon or others like that.

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