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  • Gaylin on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago

    Is the king of the North satan coming as a whirlwind to impersonate the coming of Jesus and the king of the South representing atheism or some other type of false god worship?

    I believe the king of the South references Egypt and pharaoh's statement " I don't know God".

    In the end, all none Jesus believers will be converted to "Christianity" by the miracles of satan's impersonating the return of Jesus.
  • Chris - In Reply on Daniel 11 - 2 years ago
    Hello Gaylin. In Daniel chapter 11, we read that the angel (of Daniel 10:5,6) had come to give Daniel words about the future kingdoms: of Persia, verse 2 (3 + 1 kings: Cambyses, Pseudo-Smerdis, Darius the Great plus the fourth, Xerxes (same as the one in the Book of Esther).

    Then of the Grecian Kingdom (verses 3,4): Alexander the Great.

    The Kings of the South & North (verses 5-20): the Ptolemies (of Egypt) & the Seleucids (of Syria).

    So without giving you anymore detail which you may not have interest in, the King of the North doesn't refer to Satan but to actual kings of Syria, which included Antiochus I (v 6), Antiochus III (vv 15-19), his son, Seleucus IV (v 20), & Antiochus IV (vv 21-35).

    But you're correct about the King of the South referring to the Ptolemies of Egypt. However, your last statement about "all unbelievers converting to Christianity by the miracles of Satan" is incorrect & doesn't have any connection to this passage in Daniel, nor anywhere in God's Word.

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