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  • Easha
    plz pray for me to give my self fulling to god and to do his well and to guide me on the right place
  • Grace - in Reply
    Lord I pray please move in Eashas life. I see a hunger and a desire for you. Fill E with your Holy Spirit and divine order . Help E to seek you in prayer and read scripture and study to get closer to you and fellowship with you! Give Easha your living water. I Pray this in Jesus name amen thank you Lord
  • Easha - in Reply
    thank you so much grace for praying for me
  • Grace - in Reply
    Easha, I'll be praying for you today. The 2 most important things,I believe, that will bring you into fellowship with God, is reading the Bible and praying in secret. If possible, get an actual Bible and go read it in your quiet place. You will have a conversation with God and He will also speak to you through His word. It's okay if you don't understand everything. God will teach you and bring the answers and understanding. Ask for wisdom and understanding. And that's how we build a close relationship with Him! You will find Him in the secret place! God bless you sister!
  • Easha - in Reply
    thank you so much GRACE

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