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  • Eric Lopez on Acts 1
    This is what I'm eager to learn. To see what happened after Christ crucifixion.
  • Mishael to Eric - in Reply on Acts 1
    Eric, every Walmart in the world has King James Bibles. Priced reasonable. It's the most accurate Bible in my opinion.

    This is serious, we need to read the Bible ourselves to be 100% sure with our own eyes.

    There were 4 disciples in the New Testament that were eyewitness's to the day of Jesus's Crucifixion and by reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, write of those events they individually witnessed; also Mary Magdalene and Mary. The books were written at different times, but events were recorded and canonized by The Church.

    After Jesus's resurrection he was seen walking around ALIVE by more than 500 people who testified seeing him.

    See, you are a witness too. You know what Jesus has done for you too. It's your testimony. We are disciples too. We have stories to tell also.

    What I'm trying to convey, is if you are born again, then Jesus has baptized you with the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of Christ and will teach you (every day) what you have been given. We all have to take our own egos off the throne of our hearts, and invite Jesus to sit on it.

    I always know when I'm straying some, because just like God said to Adam in the Garden of Eden, "Adam, where are you?" Hiding in the bushes wastes time.

    I want to encourage you to search the Bible to always verify what is commented on in this forum, or church, or YouTube preachers; matches up with Scriptures. Not all websites are truth.

    Im so blessed to see a new believer in Jesus. This website has a Search Engine (kinda like google ) that searches the entire Bible really fast. The red Link page has lots of links you can explore. People write their testimonies of how they came to believe on Jesus.

    Keep coming back.
  • GiGi - in Reply on Acts 1

    Are you asking what happened to Jesus after e died?

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