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  • Rick - in Reply
    Hi Gigi Peter did not willfully sin his thinking was still partially tied into the law by works not seeing the Justification by

    grace of God by believing in what Christ paid for which abolished the works of the law. Galatians 2:14-20 had to be a hot debate because barnabas was caught up in the debate. as a matter of fact Peter was wrong in His head but not in His heart, so he was acting and accusing others according to the law of not walking but He was doing the same thing but

    didn't see it. So that being said yes Peter was absolutely saved. We do the same thing to our when we start thinking if I

    don't dress a certain way or eat certain things or cut my hair a certain way then I'm not walking with God. Gods word says do your best to follow Gods word First and great commandment Love God with all your heart soul mind and strength

    then whatever you believe to do God Bless. I.E. walk in Agapeo This is my understanding God Bless
  • GiGi - in Reply

    I think that we have differing definitions of willful sin. I think Peter knew that it was wrong to avoid eating with Gentiles wen the Jews from Jerusalem came to investigate. I call that willful sin. He knew what was the right action (to eat with Gentiles) and chose not to do it.

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