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  • Victor paredes on 2 Peter 2
    Backsliders .. these scriptures tear down the false baptist doctrine once saved always saved, and Joyce Meyers false doctrine of God forgives present sins and the ones we sin willfully after..
  • David - in Reply on 2 Peter 2
    Hi Victor I'm sharing not to persuade you just to show scripture, backsliding is a turning away from. Now God always

    keeps His Promises and His word is true When we are[ born again spiritually] confess Romans 10:9+10 we are freely given holy spirit and all sin old

    nature acts or actions are paid for in full. Committed renewed mind believers sin or break fellowship but not on purpose

    we confess the broken fellowship and get back on track 1 John 1:8+9 The believers who for awhile stand then get caught up in the things of the world again and will eventually go back to their old man nature a dog wallowing in its own vomit

    2 Peter 2:20-22 ways of the world. The guy who tricks people into that is satan by deception. We will all that are born again be rewarded for the time we stood on the word and all the other works will be burned up 1 Corinthians 3:12-15. That's what Jesus Christ paid for in this age of Grace of the Church, its like being given a full box of mechanics tools, some will put the gift to full use others will commit for a while others will commit a lifetime, God new that and still kept His promise. In the eyes of God we are saints his children period. P.S. I don't listen to her because there's a lot of stuff not kosher. God Bless
  • GRACE_ambassador {ChrisE} 'temporary' salvation? - in Reply on 2 Peter 2
    Precious friend Victor, IF God's ETERNAL Salvation "is false," then I believe we have A Severe BIBLICAL problem With the Following Truths Of The SAVIOUR, The LORD JESUS CHRIST!

    1 The LORD "Knows them that are His" 2 Timothy 2:19, And, The LORD "Has ALWAYS Known them that are His" Ephesians 1:4

    2 The LORD "Has NEVER Known" them that "Are NOT His" Matthew 7:21-23

    3 Therefore, it is BIBLICALLY 'Impossible' for "one to be saved, AND THEN to be lost" Correct?

    For More Encouragement And Edification, here is my 2-Part "study" (scroll down the page some) On 2 Corinthians 1:9-10 Three Tenses Of God's ETERNAL Salvation Link

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