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  • Philip Christian Parks on Numbers 21
    Re. Numbers 21:6 = And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.

    Of great interest, even though the term "fiery" reads like an adjective in the English, it actually translates from the Hebrew noun saraph (Eng. transliteration; pronounced "saw-RAWF").

    The same Hebrew word translated here into "fiery" also translates into the word "seraphims" twice in Isaiah (note: the modern proper spelling of this plural noun is "seraphim").

    In Isaiah, the term "seraphim" identifies a certain class of angelic entities of whom Prophet Isaiah witnessed as recorded in Isaiah Chapter Six. Other than having "six wings " ( Isa. 6:2), Isaiah provided no additional information regarding their personal appearance.

    If Isaiah witnessed the holy seraphim honoring and praising JEHOVAH GOD, Bible students must also conclude a certain number of seraphim followed Satan in his rebellion and fall.

    The very Hebrew word "saraph" literally means "the burning ones". If these angelic seraphim have a visual appearance of fire (cp. 2Ki. 6:17), then these "fiery serpents" may have been demonic in nature. It is not considered a stretch to wonder if GOD gave seraph demons permission to punitively torment the Israelites much like HE gave Satan permission to test Job ( Job 1:12; 2:6).

    If this scenario were true, then the term "fiery" may describe their visual nature and appearance rather than the painful intensity of their bite.

    Since GOD's Word contains no coincidences, and HIS Word communicates HIS earthly and Heavenly Designs, Purposes, and Will, then Bible students, expounders, hermeneutics, and commentarians simply cannot overlook and ignore the terminology of the word "fiery" in this context. It certainly demands deep examination and exploration while avoiding being overly dogmatic.

    The bite of these "fiery serpents" typifies "the fiery darts of the wicked" ( Eph. 6:16).
  • David - in Reply on Numbers 21
    Phillip The statement that God gave permission is really true because the enemy has to work within the boundaries that God set up, when The true God lifts his hand of grace and protection the enemy goes to work. Everytime the children of Israel rebelled and went after idolatry even after all the warnings Gods hands were tied because of their choice of sin witch eventually leads to destruction and death. When they rebelled and murmured against moses same deal.

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