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  • Lizelle
    I was brought up in a christian home, believed myself to be one but lived in complete disobedience to the word of God. I drank, fornicated, had relationships with married men, stole, fantasized about sex all the time and was just the most disgusting sinner you could think of. I had an abortion that really shook me but not for very long before I fell back into my sinful ways. I blamed everyone but myself for my messy life. in 2006 I met my now husband at work. He pursued me and we fell pregnant and got married, even though he was from another religion. We were happy at first until our daughter started getting sick almost every month. if it wasn't high fevers, it was flue, rash on her little body, ear infections, pneumonia. During this time, I participated in my husband religious prayers and ceremonies, very aware that I'm worshipping false gods. My daughter's continuous sickness brought me to my knees and I started attending church again. I repented of my sins and God saved me. This caused so much unhappiness within my home, my husband hated the church, always critized me and blamed my family for my change. My journey as a believer started in a methodist church but I left it after the pastor told me there's nothing wrong if I still attend hindu temple with my husband as long as I pray to Jesus. But that's a false teaching because we're to serve God in all areas. So I joined another church who was into healing ministries, speaking in tongues and all the charismatic garbage that went along with it. I served here for 6 years in the children's church and saw how so called holy spirit filled people, had extra marital sex, were disrespectful, forced compulsory tithing. God wasn't done because He gave me a love for his word and upon studying it I discovered that most of the things this church believed in was a false gospel. So I left here and God led me to a church that teaches sound theology. I praise God for his mercy. Im still married and pray for my husband's salvation.
  • GiGi - in Reply

    I partner with you in prayer today for the salvation of your husband and for wellness for your child. My three sons each went through times of repetitive illness, sometimes all three at the same time over months and months in their early years. It was to the point where our doctor jokingly said that we were seeing way too much of each other. It was frustrating, but as they grew past infancy and preschool years, their health improved.

    I am glad you recognized the problems with the churches you were drawn into because of your needs. May you be built up in the most holy faith, be given discernment to recognize error easily, and be made steadfast in sound doctrine. I ask all of this for you in Jesus' name for every knee in heaven and earth will bow and attest that Jesus is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
  • Kent Bass - in Reply
    What a testimony Lizelle. God saves and forgives if you come to him no matter what you did. I am glad you found the Lord. Stay blessed.

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