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  • GiGi on Genesis 4
    In so many comments, it seems that some get far off of topic and away from the text being studied. I understand the desire to share what one feels should be put forth in these comments. I must say that I appreciate the comments that address the text being studied the most. I try to keep in mind whom my audience might be when I write, wishing to build up, encourage, and edify. I realize I have been walking with the Lord all of my life (65 yrs) and have been studying the Bible since I could read it for myself at age 9. The Spirit has been so good to me over the years in my private studies, but I also have been helped by learning from what others tell me or write about Scriptures and doctrines. I try to imagine that there may be a new believer/reader of/scripture reading these comments. I especially hope that my writings can help these brethren. Just a thought.

    To close out chapter 4, it was in the first city/cities that tradesmen began to work with metals, build structures, develop artistic talents such as music, and to farm with livestock (did the continue to be vegetarians if they had livestock?).

    It seems that when mankind began to gather in large groups, advancements in civilization happened quickly. Here in Enoch, the tenth generation of mankind was already smeltering and forging metals. What other advancements might they have learned to do by this time? By the time of the flood, advanced structures were probably built around the world, perhaps pyramid or ziggarut type of structures that would take a large number of people to participate in the building and a long period of time to complete. Some say that the pre-flood civilization was even more advance than where we are today, considering what has been accomplished in the past 1500 years. I don't know about that. That would mean space travel and I don't see any evidence in Scripture that talks about that. Even so, think about the pre-flood knowledge used to build cities right after the flood. Lot's of skills.

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