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  • GiGi on Genesis 4
    Ahh, Chapter 4, what a blessing it is to have God's Word in written form and for us to have accessed the ability He put in us to learn to read and understand writing. And, to also have us access the ability in us to learn to write our thoughts and convey them to others. He com-m unicates with us and we communicate with each other! Beautiful! We don't have to feel alone.

    I love that God announced the gospel of Jesus Christ in chapter 3. From the beginning, everyone in his/her own generation had the opportunity to be made right with God, regardless of how fully they understood the proclamation in Genesis 3. Everyone is responsible to respond to what knowledge they have been given by God in his/her own time. God is merciful, not desiring for anyone to perish, but to receive eternal life. How blessed we are in our generation, to be on this side of the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior. Jesus Christ! But with that blessing comes a greater responsibility. Let each of us pray to be given clear knowledge of what God requires of each of us personally, since we have been given much.

    In thinking about the Tree of Life. Some say it is Jesus in the garden. Yet this tree is now in heaven according to Revelations, and in Revelations we are told that there is no sun in heaven because Jesus fills heaven with His light. We are told that we will be able to eat of the tree of life in eternity. I guess we will have to wait and see what is really meant by this tree of life when we enter eternity. We will also have to wait until heaven to see what God meant when He said that mankind had become like one of Them. Certainly we are not like God in sin and imperfection, because God is holy and altogether good. There is no imperfection in him. he is infinitely perfect. It doesn't mean we are like him in perfection and goodness, because Jesus said that only God is good. We know good and evil.

    This chapter speaks about Adam and Eve having children after the fall in the garden.

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