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  • Roselyn Tuba
    My life testimony and experience I encountered as I walked in the Lord.

    In repent got baptize and I got fill with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongue on June 29 2008. I enjoyed my Spiritual journey with the Lord.

    Next thing I encountered while being saved in the Lord: I was trapped by an enemy and I received my total deliverance through after God led me to do prayer and fasting.

    I was introduced to smart phones and social media's back in 2012. Till then I got into a trap where I began to social media flirting with most of the guys online from different dating websites. It led me to watch porn videos and pictures and it led me to masturbation. I was soul tied and spiritually transferred to and from with the person I was communicating with. I wanted to stop but it was rooted and I got addicted to it. I didn't realize until after I got delivered by the power and strength of the Holy Spirit. I was spiritually tormented. During those days, I used to get depressed, doubt, fear and anxiety, I used to feel hopeless. So much anger and hatred.

    Praise the Lord, in the year 2020 God led me to do stock take in my Spiritual life, Where He allowed me to remove any physical things that would hinder my spiritual life. And he allow me to delete social media account and quite watching movie, and reconcile with my family member.

    Fasting Experience

    God placed a thought in my heart that I must fast the next day which was on Wednesday 28/04/2021. I followed the simple instruction from God and fasted for 5 days. Praise the Lord, God really broke loose every strong, stubborn soul ties. And he gave me clarity of mind. After that He open more Spiritual door me to understand and see things in Spiritual way. Now I am enjoying my fellowship with the Lord.

    God bless

  • Kent Bass - in Reply
    Praise Yah Roselyn. I am glad he talks to you. Keep the faith and walk in his ways.
  • Roselyn - in Reply

    Thank you for your comment, God bless you. Yes God has been so good to me..

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