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  • Hannah Sandoval on Matthew 28:19
    I love thinking about Matthew chapter 28 verse 19 i love their story from bible is God's word in the bible i love God he's is my important God we love him he made us and made me Jesus he die on cross shed of blood we pray i pray for God for loving us he's in my heart he will listen to me and everyone guide you and guide me for taxing other people he's waiting for me when i die see Jesus in heaven is real life is real is not joking i'm truth of life God sent to me i'm only one i say i'm truth of life truth is telling you truth come to me you need telling the truth from John verse 14 is I am the way of the truth no comes to my father but by me truth of life I'm here i'm am truth of life God made me he did sent to me just me you need pray for God and his people from heaven i love God I love Jesus and i love Holy Spirt. Any questions from me i'm here your questions.

    From Hannah Sandoval
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 28:19
    Love your comment. Keep coming back.

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