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  • In the verse five it states perfectly that women are not to wear parents. It also says who does so would be the abomination, the person would be not the pants. I would not want to be the abomination to God. But, I have worked outside in the garden, moving wood piles and etc. in a skirt and I have done so for almost ten years. I still do not have a problem with it. God has always made a way to get around obstacles, but it takes faith on our end to believe He will go through with it. God made a way for me to wear a skirt and moved obstacles, but I also had to have the faith to believe He would move the obstacles. When serving God there will be things we have to sacrifice. Sometimes the sacrifice seems to big. But I have a question I would like for you to question yourself with. Is giving up pants more sacrificial than Jesus Christ laying down His life for you to be saved for all of eternity? Is it more important to you than your walk with God?
  • Innocent child - in Reply
    It does NOT say a woman isn't allowed to wear pants. Deuteronomy 22:5, Deuteronomy 12:32

    Remember John 3:16, Matthew 25:31-46,

    it's talking about dressing to resemblance appearance as opposite sex.

    At about 5 or 6 years old, I was told by a neighbor man, I should wear a dress, I wore a dress & the "monster" raped me both ways. I went unconscious more than once & was held by a heavenly being after I asked to die. The heavenly being comforted me he was wearing a white robe. I had a conversation as an adult outside of my young self, I guess in the heaven. Then I was back.

    Later I was in a church Sunday school that I was made to wear a dress, (by step mother) the boys would lay on the floor to see my undergarments. It was emotionally painful & I would cry not to wear a dress. Even as a young adult men have been dishonorable when I wear shirts or dresses. I could use it for my gain!! However I rarely wear s dress & when I do, heads turn. I find it much more modest to wear pants. The husbands at the churches, stores etc don't stare as much when I wear pants.

    Pants aren't what disqualify someone from heaven.
  • Practice Safety First - in Reply
    We live in days when people pretty much wear anything they want to. Unless you attend a Pentecostal Church or Southern Baptist; you can wear pants or slacks.

    (Outside Church), Men are going to look. More important to your look, is not to dress worldly. The KJV Bible has plenty of scriptures that warn to not tantalize the opposite sex.

    In 2021, it's ok to carry a can of mace in your bag or backpack. Air horns aren't that expensive.

    Be aware of your surroundings. Choose well lit paths. Walk alongside a group.

    If someone is acting confrontational, go inside of a building or restaurant. Get a description: age height clothing hair eyes, colors.

    Don't make eye contact. Pray for God to send you an angel to walk you home.

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