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  • Kathy Baldwin
    where does the Bible say the earth is flat?
  • Adam - in Reply
    Yes, in this verse "circle" = sphere. If it was flat it likely would have said the "flat of the earth," but it doesn't.

    2 easy experiments you can do yourself within 2 days will confirm the earth is round.

    1. Buy a ticket and fly from where you are around the world- go west or east and you will end up at your point of origin. Countless travelers do this. Ever day people are collectively flying around the world, but it will take you a couple of days. You can either watch the landscape yourself or put your phone with GPS location on and track where you are on the globe the whole time. I've done this, have you? If you discover that you do in fact return to your original location, would you then apologize to others you might have mislead on this forum? And if you find the 'end of the earth' can you please take a picture of it and post that online, because of the billions of people who have travelled all directions around the earth, and the thousands of satellites orbiting, no one has ever taken such a picture. Also, we can see moons and planets with our own eyes and there's all round too, so it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch, plus God said it was round in this verse.

    2. If earth was flat, all the shadows would be the same in all parts of the world at the same time. This is easily disproven by measuring the length of the shadow in each place simultaneously. This has already been done of course, but you can find out for yourself by asking people in different locations on the phone, or web cam, or streaming video. There's already live streaming in each city around the world you can check and measure shadow angles. If a surface was flat, then everywhere would have the same shadow and the same time of dusk and sunrise, but that's not the case.

    There are a lot of conspiracies and lies in the world, but the earth being round like the Bible says is not one of them. God bless...
  • Ken wickham - in Reply
    Where does it say it is a sphere? There are plenty of flat earth verses, starting on page 1 with the firmament!!
  • Chris - in Reply
    Hi Ken. Just to add to Adam's very good examples.

    I'm not sure whether you are familiar with aeronautics or plotting a navigational route over a long distance. If you take for example a flight plan from Sydney, Aust. to Los Angeles, you will always find that the route will appear curved & not in a straight line on a navigational map. For the purposes of passenger information, a straight line might be drawn on a map to indicate the route & this is correct, but in reality on a flight plan map, it will appear as a curved flight path. The pilot knows that he will be flying straight to LAX (providing there are no diversions) even though his navigational map will show it otherwise. His navigational aids & waypoints that his aircraft computer will need en route will all sit on that curve, even though the curve is actually straight. Sounds strange to read, but true. And the reason for that apparent curve, is because the Earth is spherical. If the Earth was flat, his route would show up as a straight line between two points, but Earth's curvature forces that straight line into an apparent curve. Hope this helps some.
  • Adam - in Reply
    The Bible says the earth is round in Isaiah 40:22. God bless...
  • Ken - in Reply
    The flat earth is round, yes. Round isn't a sphere.

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