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    As a farewell , the congregation that Sacha and I belong to , does not baptize children , practises full immersion , does not baptize anyone who hasn't read and understood at least the basic principles of salvation , we also ask candidates random Bible questions that they wouldn't be able to answer if they hadn't read it e.g. who is Samuels mother ? All members male and female study the Bible daily and are expected to grow in understanding . Our Sisters are at least as knowledgeable as our Brothers . We have ladies who have been teaching the Truth , through correspondence courses for forty years . They have brought literally thousands of men and women to the point of baptism . Christ died for all of us , none of us are under the law , there is only one Holy Spirit , not a version for men and a different one for women . Our Sisters cover their heads and are silent during services but they have a voice . They also respect their husbands as head of the house and the brethren in the congregation but they have a voice . We have single Sisters who are the only ones in their family who are saved . They respect the Brethren but are at liberty to do as they please when not in Church . We are all guided by God's words and by Christ's and to a lesser but not insignificant degree , by the apostles writings . I shouldn't have to quote scripture here , so I won't . May God bless you all and may He bring you all very much closer to Him . Hope to see you in the New Jerusalem .
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    Acts 16:33, in context Acts 16:27-34

    Acts 16:15 in context Acts 16:14-15

    Acts 18:8

    1 Corinthians 3:3

    John 13:35

    Hebrews 10:25

    James 1:27

    Please note the scriptures I've listed & pray about what I'm about to say. I once witnessed 2 children who asked to be baptized by the Lead Pastor, they were skipped over, another Pastor replaced the old one & once again those 2 children a boy & a girl asked to be baptized. That Pastor also asked them questions on the Bible, doctrine, taught them a special class, privately then decided not to Baptize them. In a short time other youths were baptized & they were skipped over again. I watched as those two children served in the church, many days & even during the celebration of the others getting baptized. Whom was more like Christ? Later those 2 children were baptized without classes & with people who barely knew them. Please pray for wisdom.

    Matthew 19:14

    If you judge to strictly remember :

    Matthew 7:2 , Matthew 7:1-5

    Why is beautiful sister, English Sacha leaving?

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