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  • Diane on James 1
    How do you know that James is the half brother of Jesus. What makes them half brothers.?
  • Leland Kendrick md - in Reply on James 1
    The spirit of the lord went over Mary

    And caused Mary a virgin to conceive

    And he was to be called Jesus

    Jesus came thru the tribe of Judah

    The order of Melchizedek

    Who was Melchizedek

    He had no father or mother and was a king and a priest and Abraham even tithed to him

    He had no beginning or end

    The only one who fits that description is Jesus

    Just my thought

    But the Holy Spirit caused Mary to conceive

    God the father did the son and god the holy spiritual are one and the same

    Jesus refers to god the father

    So possible that Jesus did not share and genes with Mary and definitely not Joseph

    How could Mary give birth to a son if all women have xx genes and men xy genes

    The male determines sex of the child

    If he gives x gene it's a girl

    If he gives y gene it's a boy

    So how could Mary give birth to a boy

    Both Mary and Joseph were of the tribe Judah

    Am I questioning god


    I am a Christian

    Mary was very special

    Yes she was a virgin

    Yes she gave birth to Jesus

    Jesus came to earth as gif in the body of a human

    Fully god and fully man

    And came from heaven so he knew heaven like none other

    John 1 and verse 1

    I'm in beginning was the word the word was with god and the word was god

    I use only King James Version of Bible

    Other versions change words and words change meaning

    So Jesus Is god

    Only after birth of Jesus did Mary and

    Joseph have children

    So in one way that makes them half brothers

    But again maybe they did not share any genes

    Remember I am just thinking

    My ignorance is much greater than my knowledge

    I believe the king James of Bible is inerrant

    Please just take my words with a grain of salt

    Jesus was the only perfect one to walk the face of the earth

    Sacrificed himself for our sins

    The truth remains simple

    Jesus sacrificed himself

    For our sins

    We are all sinners and in need of salvation

    We all must know that

    Ask Jesus/god

    For forgiveness and repent of our sins

    Ask for that free gift if salvation

    He will and doeS
  • Jesse - in Reply on James 1
    Hi Diane,

    I've been away for a while so I'm not sure if you're responding to someone or you are asking this question for yourself? Either way, what leads me to believe that James is the half-brother of Jesus is that after Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph had other children. We know that Jesus had four half-brothers, James, Joses, Simon, and Judas (Jude), and at least two half-sisters.

    Paul says in Galatians 1:19, "But other of the apostles I didn't see, except for James the Lord's brother." This would be the Lord's half-brother, also the author of the book of James. What would make James the Lord's half-brother is that they shared the same mother, but different fathers.

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