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  • Carol snow on John 3
    My sister husband has a child that by a woman that is not my sister's child and someone called the child a bastard and I would like to help my sister understand if the child well go to heaven are not I was unable to get the answer from what I read in the bible so please help me to understand if the child can go to heaven so I can tell my sister . Thank you
  • Chris - in Reply on John 3
    Hello Carol. I can't think of any specific Scripture to fit the situation you've shared, as the Bible speaks generally about those who are righteous & acceptable to God, whom God receives into Heaven (both adults & children).

    But if it helps, you can look at Matthew 18:1-10, where, in His discourse, Jesus spoke of little children & how we are to become like them; i.e. the innocence of children at that stage in life, whether or not they have been brought into the world legitimately or not. As you know, every person in the World is precious to God Who made us - and He has done everything possible to get His Word to us, so that we may know Him & be saved through His Son, Jesus' Sacrifice. So, the child who is innocent & without blame, even if its parents may have conceived him outside of lawful marriage, will still be acceptable to God (providing the child is still in the age of innocence). Once the child reaches the age (this age might vary) where it is conscious of sin, by planning to commit it, then the child is now accountable to God & needs to be saved - it needs to hear the Gospel & respond to it.

    So, I believe that all children, before the age of accountability, are accepted unequivocally by God, no matter what their family situation might be, or the country of birth, or even the religious position of its parents. Rather, it should be of grave concern to the parents if they are in a sinful relationship, that they should set things right before God & all concerned.

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