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  • English Sacha
    Hi everyone , I would like to address the fact that I'm a woman talking about the Bible . Sacha is not my real name , I picked it because it can be a male or female name and when I first came on here I had no intention of revealing my gender . It didn't take long on here for me to feel that I was being a bit deceitful so I came out so to speak . If you are offended by me then please don't read my posts , that's the simple answer , I will not be offended , everyone must act in accordance with their own conscience towards God . May God bless us all as we seek to learn of Him and grow closer to Him . Much love to you all in Christ .
  • Glenn - in Reply
    Hi , I just wanted to let you know, I'm sure no one is in any way, offended !!! It's your right, to make concise decisions in life , when on any internet site , but , I already kinda knew. !!!!

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