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    No offense, but when i think of giants and brute beasts, i think of how people on this planet are drifting towards those who preach; propogate

    one world government

    one world money, banking system

    one world religion of self

    one world community

    population control as a means to combat food and product shortages

    "busy works" to keep us preoccupied with global warming, pollutions, etc.

    the centralization of powers on every continent.

    travel/movement. "they" want to know where we are at every moment. where is our money is and what do we buy with it. our phones have gps. so our movements are not secret.

    it's happening folks. the end.

  • Adam - in Reply
    50-60 years ago it was popular to distrust the government and preserve freedom.

    Today: people willingly carry around personal tracking devices (smart phones) everywhere they go and even have voice monitoring services at home (alexa, home, homepod) that records and sends everything said to giant corporations that both sell such information and share with government oversight. Lust for Orwellian control leads government to start arresting people for "thought crimes" despite being in a "free society," and the citizens cheer and demonize anyone who questions it... until one day it happens to them and they are cancelled.
  • English Sacha - in Reply
    You are bang on as we say over here , in UK they even want us to have smart electrical meters , that way the government can find out if we are home or not by how much electricity we are using . Recently our TV transmitter was broken so a large area could not receive digital TV at all , unless you got your TV over the internet via cable or satellite , we who still just have our TV through a physical ariel on the roof were either pitied or ridiculed for not having internet TV , in some cases we were offered special deals so we could get hooked up . This has gone on for the last three months . I believe that we will be enticed to get the mark of the beast . So many people really are sheep , just believing whatever their government tells them . We humans love a good deal , the mark will sound like the best deal ever .
  • A Call to Safety and Salvation from Death - in Reply
    I only have antenna tv too. Half of my mail is media offers on cable and satellite.

    Cool thing is I was a draftsman for 15 years for telecommunications companies on buried utilities. At some point, they'll cut away from buried plant.

    After the rapture everyone will have to get rid of cell phones to hide.

    My thought is WHY even put yourself in harms way? Receive Jesus, and go with Him. We will reign and rule with Him. No goons will ever track us and throw us into death camps.


    Our Government is building Covid Camps right now. It's on YouTube at times. People who refuse to be vaccinated will be incarcerated.

    We have to Impeach this President. Powers that be (behind a veil) are in control. I can't give their names on here.

    We need to be vigilant to look for a politician who is raised up as having answers to all nations difficulties; especially Mideast. There's a lot of sneaking around concerning oil and fuel sources.

    They're not going to bust down our doors looking for cash. They'll just make it obsolete. They'll bust doors for guns and ammo. People choosing to be left behind need bows and arrows to get food.

    There will be fires, tsunamis, and then water will be turned to Blood.

    If you really want to Live, then choose to follow Jesus now. Jesus has prepared everything we will need.

    We know by all of the signs given in the Bible, that we've arrived at Decision Time. You will escape the judgment to be poured out upon this earth.

    [All the super volcanoes will explode, all earthquake faults will snap like tree branches; water reservoir dams will rupture] Balcones Fault alongside Austin to San Antonio is being held open by One Large Rock. If it's crushed it will crack open. Google all of my claims.

    Choose Jesus now. Choose Life and not Death. He will lift you away from harm, to safety. Someday heaven will be returned to Earth. Live For That. Love, the Lover of your Soul. Choose now! Stop waffling.

  • Carleton - in Reply
    All possible Mishael, but we must consider ourselves too as we are made of the same nature.

    But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.

    Galatians 6:14

  • We all need this__I know I do - in Reply
    To Carleton

    Father, Please help me to rest in your happiness, To allow a smile to linger on my lips, To dwell within a wonderful memory, To walk back through sunlit places. Please help me to awake with hope, To engage with life in all its variety, To take in the beauty of others joys. To touch the souls of those I meet with thankfulness. Please help me to sing with faith, To carry the truth close in my heart always, To rejoice at new life and To have peace as I age. Please help me to indulge in love. To breathe in the sweetness of intimacy, To taste the kindness of friendship, To feel the warmth of embrace. Please help me not to miss A single drop of heaven, To catch each moment And drink in the great joy of life. Amen.
  • Carleton - in Reply
    Brother I know I do, Thank you. A Very sweet prayer.


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