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  • Brenda R. Hill
    I have become paranoid of everything my husband has said!
  • Our Society is Imploding Fast. We're near The End - in Reply
    Paranoia is not of Gods spirit. It's invisible and you need to fight in Ephesians 6.

    We're living in a time when we need to take the same energy we use, railing on the Government, and loose it on the Devil.

    It's hard because we can't see the devil, but we sure can see the results he causes.

    Common people? Halloween is a modern day Satanic Holliday. It's an abomination to a Holy God. November 1, is All Saints Day (a Christian holiday). Google the tradition.

    Why are we hanging orange lights? Be stronger than the herd mentality.

    Go on the ALCJ website and hear how fast our religious freedoms are going away.

    If you wanna see what the end times MAY LOOK LIKE. It's a movie. It's not Wizard of Oz.

    Revelation Station Movie.1 hour 44 minutes of chaos on earth.

    An innocent afternoon of parents and children at a baseball game being gunned down by imported terrorists. Could that happen here?

    And it's not God being mean or unreasonable. He told us these things would happen at the end. ONLY the Born Again Christians Will Escape It.

    I think the personality of the Antichrist is fully explored. He'll look like a Politician who has really plausible ideas. Then he turns evil. He wants us dead.

    I do think Right Now we are seeing how quickly our Politicians can turn against the people. The money is not for Green Projects. It's for a Worldwide War. Matthew 24 is happening. They bully us to get vaccinations. Fire us from jobs if we don't. I think it's a precursor for when all money changes to Government Control. Gold Standard will end and Cashless Will Begin.

    Our only hope for a new future is to turn ourselves fully towards Jesus Christ. People Hate the Unknown. It's a Default Setting inside of our egos. Realize Now, Jesus will Save Us. Let Your Faith Be Settled To Trust Your Life With Him.

    When you finally choose Jesus, that Incredible Peace Comes Over Your Soul. God will take us to a Safe Place. Give Faith a chance.

  • Free - in Reply
    Dear "Brenda R. Hill" confusion is a spirit, who u can pray go back to the dark places of the earth, and never come back! In the Name of Jesus Christ.

    If u are in a society take it up with them.

    U stay strong too pray and read the Bible. Then u will gett the strengthen too take back your dignity in the Holy Name Jesus.

    If u not stay in a society, run too one and be saved and baptised in His Holy Name. Good luck and be blessed in Jesus Name.
  • T. Levis - in Reply
    2 Timothy 1:7

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