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  • Prasanth Konde on Job 1 - 2 years ago
    i just want to know how satan enter into the kingdom of heaven and met Jesus . Source : Job 1:6.

    Before created world satan was not in the heaven ,he was pushed from heaven to down. there is no place for satan in the king dom of heaven.
  • Chris - In Reply on Job 1 - 2 years ago
    Hello Prasanth. The question you ask is a valid one & because the Scriptures are not entirely clear on all the events pertaining to Satan's origin & despatch, we can only formulate an opinion based on what the Scriptures do reveal. Therefore, we can get many opinions on this, even yours could be valid. So, as you've asked the question, let me give you my understanding using a timeline.

    a. When God created all things in Heaven (He Himself being un-created), all heavenly beings, etc. were created in eternity past. This was before the creation of the worlds, of man & of other things for the Earth. In Heaven, God created beings such as cherubs, seraphs, beasts, etc., which all had a particular function before God & which constantly worshipped Him ( Ezekiel 10:1-22; Isaiah 6:1-8).

    b. One cherub, which was "perfect in thy ways from the day thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee" ( Ezekiel 28:15), is reference to the one the Bible calls, Lucifer ( Isaiah 14:12). Although, the Ezekiel reference is directly to the King of Tyrus, the wording suggests that the spirit within the king is being addressed & described. Lucifer desired to sit in God's place ( Isaiah 14:12-14), therefore he was cast out of Heaven onto the Earth.

    c. And Lucifer, also called Satan (in Book of Job), was there in readiness to deform God's perfect creation (man & woman) in the Garden of Eden, that they too might become like him, filled with evil & opposing God & all that is righteous & holy ( Genesis 3:1-19).

    d. Though Satan was cast to the Earth, he still has access to Heaven, even as he presented himself to God with the other angels ( Job 1:6,7) to accuse Job (even as he does us: Revelation 12:10). Satan is not chained or confined to Hell now - he roams freely to deceive the nations ( Revelation 20:3) & will make his final thrust through the coming Anti-Christ, the personification of Satan, just as King Tyrus was. But he will one day be locked up for good ( Revelation 20:7-10).
  • Prasanth Konde - In Reply on Job 1 - 2 years ago

    I need one more clarification , Jude 1:6 says it was chained and locked untill the judement day. I just want to know howmany highrank angels are fallen from the kingdom of heaven and trouble to our mankind.

  • Chris - In Reply on Job 1 - 2 years ago
    Neither Jude 1:6 nor 2 Peter 2:4 tell us how many angels followed Satan in his rebellion, Prasanth. Some Bible students might use Revelation 12:3,4 referring to Satan taking with him one third of the angelic host with him, but the narrative is too vague in my opinion & Revelation itself is not always in sequential order.

    So, I cannot vouch with any certainty about the number of angels but my sense is that it would have been a great company of them, not just a dozen or so. And then of course, if the fallen angels were kept in everlasting chains awaiting Judgement Day, does the demonic activity of old & present days, represent the spirits of those angels? It's hard to have certainty & form conclusions.

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